There is very happy news for the railway passengers of Bihar. Because operations have been started in Narkatiaganj-Gaunaha railway section after 9 years. The most important thing in this is that the train is taking more than an hour to cover the distance of 22 kilometers.

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For your information, let us tell you that railway personnel have not been deployed at about a dozen level crossing gates. It is also being said that railway personnel are coming and going by this train to ensure safe operation. And vehicles stop before level crossing gates.

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It is also being said that safe operations are being carried out again. Due to this, people traveling from here start alighting and climbing near the kiosks as per their convenience. It is being said that due to this there remains a great danger.

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Friends, people here say that at least two pairs of trains should run on this railway section. So that if this happens then morning and evening commuting can be facilitated. The villagers here say that the operation of the train was started in a hurry.

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