Bajaj Auto is one of the most famous vehicles in the market, this vehicle is also called the queen of mileage. A: About 4 names were de-marked by the company in the last few years. From this it is being estimated that the company is fully prepared to launch its new products in the two-wheeler industry.

Friends, in this context it is being told that possibly the name of this vehicle is being told that it will be Adventure Bike. Whereas at present Bajaj company has a 250 cc engine, which is used for the Suzuki V-Strom SX rival.

Friends, apart from all these things, Glider and Freedom are also to be used for some other brands including the upcoming CNG motorcycle. Also, no notification has been issued regarding this yet but complete details will be given in the coming months.

And people are going to benefit by getting CNG engine in this bike. It is said that CNG emits 90 percent less non-methane hydrocarbons than petrol. It emits approximately 50 percent less carbon dioxide and 75 percent less carbon monoxide.

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