If you are also planning to buy an electric scooter this year, then today’s lesson is going to be great for you. This month of February, there is a lot of competition for electric scooters and people are liking it a lot. The company has also shared information from its side regarding this, let us know about it…

Friends, a report has been released by FADA. If we talk about the report, then according to the report, a total of 82237 electric two-wheelers have been sold across the country during February 2024. This record has increased by approximately 25% annually. If we look at the previous month of January, 81608 units of electric two-wheelers were sold.

Let us tell you one by one about the company and its sales figures. Let us first talk about Tivis Motors. This company has sold a total of 14537 units during February 2024 of this year. Is of. Whereas in January this figure was 15224. A huge increase of 14.69 percent has been seen in a span of one month.

Also, if we talk about Bajaj, Bajaj company has sold a total of 11698 units in the month of February only. Whereas in the month of January, 10828 units were sold. This figure has also increased a bit. If you compare it with last year, only 1219 units were sold in the month of February last year.

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