Train News: This is very happy news for those traveling by train. The Railway Administration has restored the pre-Covid system in 19 passenger trains running from Gorakhpur on the Gonda, Badhni, Nautanwa, Narkatiaganj, Siwan, Chhapra and Varanasi routes.

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For your information, let us tell you that this system has also been implemented on mobile UTS app and automatic ticket vending machines. Apart from this, this system has been implemented at general counters of Railways along with general ticket booking counters.

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As you may be aware that a few years ago the fares of passenger trains were similar to express fares. It is being told that the fare for passengers to go from Gorakhpur Junction to Cantt, Nakaha and Domingarh stations i.e. to cover a maximum distance of five kilometers was Rs 30 instead of Rs 10.

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Friends, on the guidelines of the Railway Board, the Railway Administration has provided convenience to the passengers. Which will greatly benefit the common man. It is being said that the numbers of trains will not change. It is being said that the train will still run as a special.

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