Friends, there are many cars in the market, people do not like petrol-diesel cars anymore, that is why people are looking for NG cars. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of buying a good CNG car, then in this news we will tell you about the best car….

Actually, we are talking about Alto K10 which is offered in petrol as well as CNG option. The company provides K10C CNG 998 cc engine of this car. The petrol tank of this vehicle is of 27 liters which is petrol and a CNG tank of 55 liters capacity is also provided.

At the second place, Maruti S Presso, this vehicle is also very famous in the world of CNG and its price also starts from only Rs 5.91 lakh, although the price of the top model is said to be higher, whereas it has front cabin lamp, heater. AC, power steering, front console utility space, digital display are provided in the instrument cluster.

However, if we talk about its features, then the best features like front cabin lamp, AC with heater, power steering, front console utility space, digital display instrument cluster have also been included in it. And it has a capacity of 55 liters with a 27 liter petrol tank.

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