Patna Purnia Expressway: People of Bihar are most troubled by the problem of traffic jam. Which is now being resolved. As you would know that the way has been cleared for the construction of Bihar’s first greenfield expressway. Due to which this road will now be built faster.

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Let us tell you that it will be constructed from Patna to Purnia. According to experts, many districts of Bihar are going to benefit from the Patna-Purnia Expressway. Friends, the journey between the two districts will take only 3 hours.

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The most important thing is that with the construction of Patna-Purnia Expressway, the distance between the two cities will also reduce from 366 kilometers to 215 kilometers. It is estimated that a total expenditure of Rs 12 thousand crore will be spent on the construction of this road being built in Bihar.

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Friends, this greenfield road to be built in Bihar will be 215 kilometers long. For which the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has also started taking steps. Let us tell you that the work of building it will be done under Bharatmala Phase-2 Project.

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