Bihar News: The network of these roads is being laid very fast in Bihar. In Dhoraiya of Banka district of Bihar, the Rural Works Department has given administrative approval for seven important roads in the block area at a cost of Rs 8 crore.

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The most important thing is that now the tender process for building the road has to be completed. It is being said that the construction of these roads will start very soon. People here are being told that this road is not suitable for walking.

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Let us tell you that the roads which have been approved in Banka district of Bihar include Dhoraiya-Panjwara main road from Bhasma to Jagankitta, Sadpur to Rangaon Pasana. Which is going to be constructed very soon.

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It is being told that in this district, approval has been given for the construction of roads from Dhoraiya-Nawada main road via Balias-Milki to Birwalpur, from Dhoraiya Chowk to Ghasiya as well as from Ranka to Lavikitikar, from Middle School foot to Paswan Tola foot.

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