Bihar is gradually becoming better in terms of infrastructure. One after another, beautiful expressways, roads and bridges are being constructed in Bihar. Let us tell you that a magnificent bridge is being constructed in this connection and its construction work is going to start after two months i.e. from April.

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The main objective of building this bridge is to improve the road connectivity of many other districts of Bihar. One of the biggest reasons for building more bridges in Bihar is that Bihar has more rivers than other states.

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Let me tell you that the total cost of the construction work of this big bridge is said to be Rs 221.47 crore. Its construction work is to be done by SP Singla Company. And the duration of construction work has been kept till 2027.

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It has also been told that the construction of this bridge will start from April 2024. And its total estimated cost is said to be up to Rs 3000 crore. The total length of this bridge is going to be 4.56 kilometers. This bridge will be built from Digha of the capital Patna to Sonpur.

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