Friends, if you also travel by Indian Railways then this news may be important for you. Yes, let me tell you that from Wednesday Dumka-Patna Express (13333/34) will go to Patna via Bhagalpur. Apart from Bhagalpur, people of Munger and Banka districts will also benefit from this.

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Not only this, apart from this, four trains to go to the capital Patna will be Bhagalpur-Danapur Intercity, Sahibganj-Patna Intercity, Banka-Rajendra Nagar Terminal Express and Dumka-Patna Express. This train has 22 coaches which will be run by combining it with LHB rake.

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If we talk about the time table, 13333 Up Dumka-Patna Express will leave from Dumka at 2:05 pm and reach Bhagalpur at 4:32 pm. After stopping for a few minutes, it will leave from here at 4:34. It will reach Kiul at 6:50 pm and depart at 6:52 pm and reach Patna at 9:45 pm.

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And now a question might be running in your mind that when will this train run from Patna, then let me tell you that this train will leave at 6:45 in the morning. It will reach Bhagalpur at 11:05 and will depart further at 11:10. After stopping for some time, it will start from Dumka at 2:05 pm. Apart from this, its stoppage is given at the following stations.

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  • Rajendranagar
  • Bakhtiyarpur
  • flood
  • Kiul
  • Abhaypur
  • Jamalpur
  • Sultanganj
  • Barahat
  • Hansdiha
  • Nonihat

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