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Bihar News: The road network in Bihar is being laid at a very fast pace. Now the news is coming that approval has been given for the construction of road from Akharaghat to Badki Kothia located on the right embankment of Budhi Gandak river in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar.

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Let us tell you that the road from Akhara Ghat to Badki Kothia will be constructed at a cost of approximately Rs 27 crore 71 lakh. And the most important thing is that this road is going to be 10 kilometers long. The work of making it will be done by the Water Resources Department.

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According to the news going on in the media, the work of road construction from Khadaghat to Badki Kothia has been kept till 31 March 2025. Not only this, friends, about Rs 37 lakh has also been given for its maintenance and repair.

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It is being told that its width is going to be 3.7 meters. What’s more, it will be a bituminous road. As you may be aware that the existing road has big potholes at many places. This road has completely deteriorated.

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