A road will be built in Bihar on which not one or two but 12 bypass roads are going to be built and this road will pass through Sheikhpura, Jamui and Banka districts of Bihar state and reach Jharkhand in the neighboring state. Let me tell you that a presentation regarding this project has also been made at the level of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

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Let me tell you that this road is notified as NH 333A, while its construction work starts from Rabigha and goes to Bihar-Jharkhand border via Shekhpura, Sikandra, Jamui, Jhajha, Banka, Panjwara. It has been constructed in four lane at many places and also in two lane at many places.

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The entire length of this road is said to be 200 kilometers. If we look at all of them one by one, the first bypass is in Shekhpura which is 4.342 km in length. Bypasses will be 2.029 km long in Bhairoganj of Banka, 1.681 km long in Katoria and 7.194 km long in Banka.

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Apart from this, the list is given below.

  • 4.311 km in Jamui
  • 3.927 km at Khaira in Jamui district
  • 1.894 km in Mangobandar
  • 2.070 km in Kendua
  • 1.746 km in Tola Sono
  • 8,896 km in Žaža
  • 1.972 km in Нарганжо

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