Friends, Tata’s company is one of the most popular company of India. Tata’s company is included in India as well as abroad. These days, Tata is working on electric car. Let me tell you that the company can launch its new EV car Tata Harrier within the next two months.

And if we talk about the facilities available in this car, you will get excellent mileage of 14.6 to 16.8 kilometers per liter in the car. Whereas many facilities have been provided in the form of features. Not only this, it has a good battery.

Let me tell you that in this car of Tata company, headlamp surround, new grill, new alloy wheels, fresh LCD taillight, LCD light bars at the front and rear will be seen, along with triangular shaped headlamps and new grill.

Apart from all these things, Tata Harrier electric car has a powerful battery of 60 kwh. And this battery gives a range of more than 500 kilometers once fully charged. However, no official information has yet been revealed by the company regarding the price of this tax.

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