If you are also looking for an electric scooter which offers great features along with good range at a low price, then this news is going to be special for you. Yes friends, in today’s news we are going to discuss about a great scooter of Bajaj company…

First of all, we are talking about the battery and range of Bajaj Company’s S scooter. This electric scooter of Chetak Urbane has a battery pack of 2.9 kWh, while the company claims that this scooter only uses one time. On full charge it can easily give a range of 115 kilometers.

While the former model had a very low range of just 98 kilometers and the latter comes with an 800-watt charger, the Urbane gets a 650-watt charger. Which will take less than 5 hours to charge.

If we talk about the price of this bike of Bajaj company, its price is said to be Rs 1.21 lakh. If we talk about its maximum speed, the top speed can be 63 km/hour. The features are also excellent. Good features like sports mode, smartphone connectivity, reverse mode, hill hold have been provided.

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