Lok Sabha elections are to be held in the next few months and all the parties are busy in their election preparations. There is a debate going on in the media regarding this. Let me tell you that a big statement of JDU MLA Gopal Mandal from Gopalganj assembly of Bihar has come out. Let us know what Gopal Mandal has said.

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RJD and JDU have stuck together like magnets. The two cannot be different. Lalu Prasad is the elder brother and Nitish Kumar is the younger brother. Tejashwi Yadav is nephew.

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Gopal Mandal, JDU MLA (Gopalganj)

And not only this, Gopal Mandal has also said that if Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar goes with BJP, his political career will end. Will fall in the public eye. He also said that he can disappear but cannot join BJP, BJP is a false party.

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Gopal Mandal has also given a statement regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where did Narendra Modi come from, had not even heard his name. He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, so he was fine. They don’t even know how to speak. They read and give speeches. Whereas Nitish Kumar speaks fluently. Whereas Modi ji talks like a stubborn person. And speaking on the Prime Minister, he said that PM Modi belches like a demon.

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