Work is being done on many projects in Bihar. In this context, four lane is also being constructed. Let me tell you that a four lane is going to be built between Bhagalpur district of Bihar and Hansdiha, its total cost is Rs 915.17 crore.

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Under this project, a bus stand is also to be constructed and a toilet block is also to be constructed for it. With its construction, many facilities will be provided to the people and there will be a significant reduction in road accidents.

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Also, let me tell you that in this first phase, a four lane is to be constructed from Bhagalpur to Dhaka Mod. Under this, 45 bridges, culverts, footpaths, railway over bridges, flyover bridges, service roads, toll plazas and four lanes will be constructed. From security point of view, divider is also to be constructed.

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And the process of gathering for this entire project is currently being completed at a fast pace, which will specifically ensure that none of the land included in it is disputed. After that the work will be completed at a rapid pace.

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