These days, there is a lot of demand for family cars in the market. People are liking the 7 Star car very much. Let me tell you that last year many vehicles were launched in this segment. And it is being told that in the coming days, many such vehicles are going to be launched in this segment which can be a good option for you.

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The first car in this list is MG Gloster Facelift car. Let me tell you that MG Gloster is currently offered by the brand in the flagship segment. Let me tell you that there are good signals regarding this car and very soon this car can come in the Indian market.

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Talking about last year, this vehicle was unveiled globally and it is expected that its next generation model can be launched this year. The upcoming vehicle may also be like the old Kodiaq.

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While another vehicle has been listed in it, its name is Toyota Fortuner and it is working on its mild hybrid. If we talk about the report of this car, then it is likely to get a 2.8 liter mild hybrid engine. And this car can be seen in the Indian market very soon.

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