Four Lane In Bihar: The road network of Bihar is being laid at a very fast pace. And the happiest thing is that the Central Government has approved four new four lanes in Bihar. It is being told that these four lanes will pass through different areas.

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Let us tell you that a new four lane of 454 kilometers is going to be built in Bihar from Valmikinagar adjacent to the India-Nepal border to Hariharganj on the Jharkhand border. It is being said that this road will be built from Naubatpur in Patna to Hariharganj.

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Due to which the Central Government has given approval to convert 143 kilometer National Highway-98 into four lane. After this, it will be very easy for the people here to go to Chhattisgarh including Jharkhand. You must be aware that the width of National Highway 98 is a total of two lanes.

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It is being said that the pressure of vehicles on this highway is continuously increasing. According to the news going on in the media, the Modi government at the Center has now approved the preparation of DPR to make this National Highway of Bihar 4 lane.

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