Bihar News: At present, the road network in Bihar is being laid at a very fast pace. Meanwhile, the happy news is that approval has been given for the construction of about 21 kilometer long road in Meenapur, Motipur, Madwan and Paru of Muzaffarpur.

It is being told that it may cost more than Rs 10 crore to build these roads. It is being said that its construction will be done by the Rural Works Department. Regarding this, the Special Secretary of the department has sent the report of these roads to the Accountant General and requested for approval of the allocation of funds.

Once the amount is received, the work on these roads will be started. For your information, let us tell you that the Executive Engineer of the department will be the Withdrawal and Disbursement Officer. Let us tell you that a 0.746 km long road is going to be constructed in Meenapur.

In which Rs 45.45 lakh will be spent. It is a matter of happiness that in this block, 0.985 km road from Jaswant Bagmati Dam will be constructed at a cost of Rs 51.73 lakh. Then this 1.050 km road till Bagmati river will be built for Rs 68.988 lakhs.

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