If you are also thinking of having darshan of Lord Ram and you are from Bihar, then this news is for you only. Yes Hana, in today’s news we are going to talk about the train going from Bihar to Ayodhya. Actually, it is of Railways. A big meeting has recently been held which was chaired under the leadership of Railway Station Head Dharmendra ji.

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And the main objective of this meeting was to run a special train from Bihar to Ayodhya, no notification has come from the Railways about this. Let me tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking about running Aastha special trains from January 25, two days after the inauguration of Shri Ram Temple.

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For this, one rake each has been prepared and kept at some stations like Muzaffarpur, Samastipur, Barauni, Darbhanga etc. This train will be operated after getting the green signal. Let me tell you that special trains are to be operated from all different districts. 19166 Sabarmati Express runs three days a week. This train is canceled till 15th January regarding NI. This train will run from 16 and will go via Ayodhya.

Among the trains going via Ayodhya, 19616 Kaviguru Express runs once a week. While another train 19166 Sabarmati Express runs three days a week, 14649 Saryu Yamuna runs three days a week, 14017 Sadbhavana Express only on Fridays. Whereas apart from this, 13509 Asalsol to Gonda Express passes through Ayodhya once a week. Dog squads will be used to monitor these trains.

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