Bihar government is continuously paying its attention to improving the infrastructure. Let me tell you that Bihar government has approved a big budget of Rs 10 crore to improve the roads of about 21 villages. In this, along with providing funds for the start of construction work, the amount for maintenance and repairs has also been fixed for five years. In which five blocks of Muzaffarpur have been included, Meenapur, Motipur, Madwan, and Paru.

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Let me tell you that the construction of roads at these places will greatly benefit the people nearby. Now the Secretary of the department has demanded allocation of funds to complete this work. Whereas funds have also been requested for repairing the road.

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Let us now know the names of those roads which are to be built. First of all, let me tell you that a total of 21 kilometers of road has to be constructed in which Meenapur – 0.746 kilometers from Vasuki Nath’s house to Nandkishore Jha’s house and 0.985 kilometers from Meenapur – Harka Jaswant Bagmati Dam. Km and Meenapur – 1.050 km from Kharhar Transformer to Bagmati River. It will be built at three places in Meenapur and the fourth place at two places in Motipur. The first is 2.400 km from PWD Road to Bhumiyar Tola via Manikpur and the second place is from Jalpa Devi Chowk to Sahebganj PMGSY Road. 2.000 km.

And in Madvan, 4.100 km from Karja Middle School Pratappur to Primary School East Tola and 2.100 km from Rautaniya Gandak Bridge PMGSY road to Middle School and at one place in Paru, 6.750 km road will be constructed from Panda to Bhagwatpur. .

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