People are buying a lot of vehicles in the new year. As soon as the new year starts, many new variants of two wheelers and four wheelers are seen in the market. Bajaj is also not going to lag behind in this matter. Let me tell you that on January 5, Bajaj company has launched its new version Bajaj Chetak electric scooter. Let us know about its features and price in detail….

Bajaj company has its own distinct identity in the market. This scooter was launched in the market some time ago as a geared scooter. However, after a few days, when its sales were not that good, the company took a big decision and stopped its production.

But now in the new year, Bajaj is looking in a new form, in other words, Bajaj Chetak is coming to the Indian market in the year 2024 with a new version of this scooter. It has been officially launched with new specifications and features and people were eagerly waiting for this model.

Talking about the battery of this Bajaj scooter, a powerful 3.2 kWh battery pack has been used in Bajaj Chetak. According to the report, once fully charged, this vehicle can comfortably cover a distance of 130 Km. It takes about 4 hours 30 minutes to get fully charged. Talking about its maximum speed, this scooter can give a maximum speed of 73 km per hour. Its price can be Rs 1.35 lakh.

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