National Highway
National Highway

National Highway: These days, a network of roads is being laid at a very fast pace in Bihar. Meanwhile, now news is coming that the construction of Bakhtiyarpur-Rajauli and Patna-Gaya-Dobhi National Highway in Bihar will be completed next year.

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For your information, let us tell you that NHAI Chairman Santosh Kumar Yadav has directed the officials and construction agencies of Bihar to complete the construction of Bakhtiyarpur-Rajauli National Highway by January this year under any circumstances. Which is very happy news for the people of Bihar.

Friends, he has also said that the construction of Patna-Gaya-Dobhi National Highway should be done by June under any circumstances. Friends, NHAI Chairman Santosh Kumar Yadav also conducted site inspection of these projects on Friday.

As you would know that Bakhtiyarpur-Rajauli National Highway is being constructed at a cost of Rs 3375 crore. Which is running in length of 98 kilometers. Whereas Patna-Gaya-Dobhi Highway is being built at a cost of Rs 1948 crore.

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