If you also frequently travel by Indian Railways then this news is good for you. Yes, in fact in today’s news we are going to discuss about the Vande Bharat Express train which has recently been run on the tracks. This train is going to be equipped with all the modern facilities. Let’s know about this train…

Recently, a few days ago, Indian Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had also inspected and said that Amrit Bharat Express has a special type of coupler, which is called semi-permanent coupler. With the help of this coupler, passengers traveling in the train experience less shocks. New innovations have also been made in this train in which the help of semi-coupler technology has also been taken.

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Whereas if we talk about its route, it will run from Darbhanga in Bihar and Anand Vihar in Delhi to Ayodhya and Malda Town in West Bengal and Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal in Bengaluru. The maximum speed of this train is going to be 130 km per hour. There will not be a single air-conditioned coach in this entire train.

If we talk about its fare, then the fare of this train will be charged on kilometer basis. In which it has been told that the minimum fare for traveling from 1 kilometer to 50 kilometers will be Rs 35. Whereas reservation fee and other charges are not included in the fare.

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