Google Maps: Google Maps has now become equipped with even more advanced features. Now the news is coming that the company has added the feature of sharing real time location in Google Maps like WhatsApp. Due to which the common people are going to benefit a lot.

People will benefit from this feature that they do not need to share live location with other apps while traveling with friends or family. In which you also get the option to set time while sharing the location.

Let us tell you that to locate on Google Maps, users will have to list each other as friends in the maps. Apart from this, you can also share location between Google Contacts. For this, the user has to come inside the maps and click on the top right and click on ‘Share Location’.

After which you can easily set the live location and its timing and share it with your Google contacts. For your information, let us tell you that the company is also providing a similar feature in WhatsApp. Which you can take advantage of.

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