Samsung is once again going to create a stir in the Indian markets. Friends, in the coming time, Samsung can launch Samsung Galaxy S24 series globally on January 17. Galaxy S24 series will come with many AI features this time.

Regarding the phone, it is being said that with the help of AI, it will be able to translate the language live. This means that if you are saying something in English, AI can convert it live into any language like Korean, Arabic, German etc. Which will be very good for the people.

Let us tell you that after logging into Samsung account in this phone, you can move and delete the object or subject from any photo. You can even fill in the blanks with the help of AI.

You can also do night photography very well through this phone. This means that this series will be better than before and you will be able to capture good pictures even in low light. Also in this you will get a different enjoyment of everything like movies etc.

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