Great news for the people of Bihar, now the way has been cleared for construction of a road on the right embankment of Budhi Gandak. Let me tell you that this road is to be constructed from Akhara Ghat to Badki Kothiya. And it is said that it will cost approximately Rs 27 crore 71 lakh.

Its length will be 10 kilometers long. Its construction will be done by the Water Resources Department. If we talk about the width of this road, its width will be 3.7 meters. With its construction, people will get a lot of facilities.

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Whereas the target for completion of the construction work of this road has been set by March 31, 2025. At the same time, money has also been kept for the repair of this road. Let me tell you that along with this, about Rs 37 lakh has also been made available for the maintenance and repair of the road for five years.

And the tender process will also be done for the construction of this road, the date of which has been fixed on January 5, 2024. And the most important thing is that after its construction, the time of jam in the city will be reduced and the load on the city roads will be reduced, this will be of great benefit to the people.

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