Ram temple is trending all over the country. It is to be inaugurated on 22nd January after which people will start having darshan of Ramlala. Let me tell you that people from all over India including Bihar have started preparing to go to Ayodhya Dham. And some trains are being run from different places across the country.

Now in this regard, Indian Railways has prepared a new plan to run trains from Bihar. Due to which more and more people will be able to have darshan. And the devotees will reach Ayodhya by traveling through various railway routes of Bihar. Actually, this decision was taken during a high level meeting in the capital Delhi.

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Along with this, the Railway Board is also deliberating deeply on how Ram devotees can reach Ayodhya in large numbers and what preparations should be made for it. Senior Railway officials are taking stock of the situation.

And the most important issue is that if all these trains, apart from the main train which are currently running on the tracks, are run on the tracks, then what will be the condition of the tracks? This is a major topic and discussion on it is ongoing. Also, work is going on on how people will return after having darshan of God?

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