Actually, Hero company has been at the top of the best selling two-wheeler vehicles in India for many decades. The first choice of the people of India is Hero’s bike. Recently, Hero has launched a bike with a powerful engine which is popular in the Indian market. There is a lot of buzz, actually we are talking about Hero’s powerful bike Hero Xtreme 125R…

This bike of Hero is expert in running fast on the roads. Let me tell you that the top speed of this bike will be 107kmph. Also its weight is said to be 138.5 kg. Talking about the engine of Hero Xtreme 125R bike, it is going to get a 124.7cc single cylinder, fuel-injected engine which generates 10.72 bhp at 7500 rps and 10.6 Nm of torque at 6000 rps.

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Also, most importantly, if we talk about mileage, then if we talk about the mileage of this bike of Hero company, then it is unmatched in giving good mileage. This vehicle gives a mileage between 50Kmpl to 60Kmpl. Roughly speaking, it gives an excellent mileage of above 50Kmpl.

Lastly, if we talk about the price of this bike, the price of this bike of Hero Company is Rs. 1,18,886 for single disc while the price of dual disc is = Rs. 1,22,236. Price of Stealth Edition = Rs 1,24,76 and the price of Stealth Edition 2.0 is said to be = Rs 1,30,008.

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