Bihar Weather News: In October November, every year in October November starts showing its effect, but let me tell you that December is going to end and still the effect of cold is not seen.

But after a few days, now there will be light rain in the state and with that the weather will see a change and cold will also increase with Kanakani. According to the report, cold will increase in some places, while the chance of having a fog is being told.

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At the same time, there are chances of increasing cold in the southern part of Bihar and the southern part of Bihar. The minimum temperature will fall and Kanakani will also increase with light rain. It is being told that due to the wind blowing, cold will increase in the state, while there is no change in the weather till this week.

Temperature for the next seven days

  • FRI22/12/23Clouds14°
  • SAT23/12/23Clouds16°
  • SUN24/12/23Clear15°
  • MON25/12/23Clear15°
  • TUE26/12/23Clear15°
  • WED27/12/23Clear15°
  • THU28/12/23Clouds16°

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