Bihar Bullet Train: Bullet train is a dream project of India. It is everyone’s dream to travel sitting in it. In which Bhojpur and Buxar also come in the route of the proposed Varanasi-Howrah Bullet Train Project. And the most important thing is that the survey is being done on the ground by the agency of National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited. In which mixed reactions were received from the people there.

But the most important thing is that someone is considering it as a measure of development, while someone is afraid of losing their land in it. What’s more, farmers are the most distressed in this. Friends, for your information, Udwantnagar is going to become the hub of rail, road and bullet train. And the land acquisition work has already started here.

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The farmers here say that even though the government will give some compensation, houses will not be built with the compensation amount. He also said that acquisition of agriculture based land is not appropriate. Whereas a worker conducting the survey said that the farmers are reluctant to give consent.

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