Vande Bharat Train has gradually spread all over India but there are still many places from where Vande Bharat Train is not operating but now the Railways is fully committed to ensure that Vande Bharat Train is operational at those places as soon as possible. Busy in preparation. In this series, now a proposal has been sent to run a train between Sitamarhi and Patliputra.

Actually, this news is no less than good news for the people of entire North Bihar. Because if the proposal that has been sent to run Vande Bharat train between Sitamarhi and Patliputra is approved. So this train will run from Sitamarhi to Patliputra station via Darbhanga, Samastipur.

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This will provide a lot of convenience to the people. What is special about Vande Bharat train from ordinary trains? Let me tell you that Vande Bharat train is equipped with all the modern comforts. And this train is especially known for its speed, safety and comfort.

The maximum speed of this train is 160km/h. If we talk about time, we can cover this distance from Sitamarhi to Pataliputra in just two and a half hours.

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