Indian Railways is now establishing a new dimension with Vande Bharat train day by day and it is spreading its footprints all over the country. In this series, this voice has also reached Darbhanga in Bihar. Let me tell you that a proposal has been sent to run two big trains, Vande Bharat Train and Duronto Express Train from Darbhanga.

Recently, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Railway Committee Chairman Radha Mohan Singh, in which many projects related to the railway construction project from Darbhanga to Mithila were discussed in detail. Where the MP told that five overbridges are to be built for which funds have been allocated and the tender process has also been completed. Please note that the location has also been selected.

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He also told that a low cost overbridge is being built in Laheria Sarai with an amount of about Rs 5.5 crores. A request has also been made in which it has come to light that about 100 kilometer long railway line should be built between Laheriasarai and Saharsa.

Also, the most important issue raised by the MP in this meeting was regarding the stoppage of trains at Darbhanga station. Let me tell you that the MP has also raised the issue regarding stoppage of Shatabdi Express, Vande Bharat train and Duronto Express train at Darbhanga station.

Overbridges will be built at these five places, the tender process has been completed.👇👇👇

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