The year 2023 has been a remarkable year for the automobile sector in India, with Maruti Suzuki leading the way with the launch of several new and upgraded car models. Here, we highlight some of the key cars launched by the company this year.

Firstly, in April 2023, Maruti Suzuki introduced the much-awaited SUV Fronx in the market. The Fronx comes in five trims – Sigma, Delta, Delta+, Zeta, and Alpha. It offers two engine options – a 1.0L Boosterjet Turbo petrol engine producing 100bhp power and 147Nm torque, and a 1.2L Naturally aspirated petrol engine capable of generating 90bhp power. The showroom price for the Fronx starts at 7.46 lakh rupees and goes up to 13.13 lakh rupees for the top variant.

Next up is the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, which was launched in the off-road SUV segment in June 2023. It features a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder Naturally aspirated petrol engine, producing a maximum power of 105 bhp. The car is available with a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearbox options, with prices ranging from 12.74 lakh rupees to 15.05 lakh rupees.

Lastly, the Maruti Suzuki Invicto, the re-badged version of Toyota’s Innova Crysta MPV, was launched in the market this year. It comes with a 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor, capable of producing 186 bhp power. The Invicto is priced between 24.82 lakh rupees and 28.42 lakh rupees.

The launch of these models has added to Maruti Suzuki’s strong position in the Indian automobile market and has brought a range of exciting choices for car buyers. Overall, the year 2023 has been a great year for car enthusiasts in India, with Maruti Suzuki leading the way with its innovative and feature-rich car models.


– Year 2023 has been good for all sectors, including the automobile sector, with Maruti Suzuki launching several new cars and facelifted versions of existing cars.
– Maruti Suzuki Fronx, launched in April 2023, comes in five trims with two engine options, priced from 7.46 lakhs to 13.13 lakhs.
– Maruti Suzuki Jimny, launched in June 2023, has a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine, available with manual and automatic gearbox options, priced from 12.74 lakhs to 15.05 lakhs.
– Maruti Suzuki Invicto, launched this year, comes with an electric motor and a 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine, priced from 24.82 lakhs to 28.42 lakhs.
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