Gold silver price,
Gold silver price,

In the ever-fluctuating world of precious metals, recent trends have shown a notable shift in gold and silver prices. While gold prices have been on a downward trajectory, silver has witnessed a marginal uptick. This article delves into the latest price movements of these metals, particularly focusing on the 22-carat gold market.

Gold Prices on the Decline

Today, the gold market continues its downward trend. This decline is reflected in the trading figures on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), where gold prices have dropped by 0.21 percent. This decrease brings the price to a notable figure of Rs 62,059 per 10 grams.

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Regional Variations in Gold Prices

In the national capital, Delhi, the price for 22-carat gold stands at Rs 57,450 per 10 grams. This rate varies slightly in other major cities: in Mumbai and Kolkata, the price is pegged at Rs 57,300 for the same quantity, whereas in Chennai, it’s slightly higher at Rs 57,900 per 10 grams.

Silver Prices Showing an Uptick

Contrasting the trend in gold prices, silver has experienced a slight increase. This uptick is uniform across major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, where silver is priced at Rs 77,700 per kilogram. Chennai, however, stands out with a slightly higher price for silver, recorded at Rs 79,700 per kilogram.

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