Maruti Suzuki, one of the leading car manufacturers in India, is known for its popular hatchback cars, especially the Maruti Swift, which is among the top-selling cars in the country. Recently, Suzuki, Maruti’s Japanese partner, unveiled a glimpse of the hybrid edition of the Swift at an event in Tokyo from October 26th to 31st. There is speculation that the company may introduce this hybrid edition to the market in September 2024. The details regarding its dimensions and mileage have also been revealed.

The demand for hybrid cars has been on the rise, with sales surpassing those of battery-operated electric cars for three consecutive months in the financial years 2023 and 24. Consumers have shown a preference for hybrid cars such as the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Honda City, Toyota Innova High cross, and Toyota Urban Cruiser Highrider due to their fuel-efficient nature.

In November, the sales of hybrid cars totaled 24,062, surpassing the 21,455 electric cars sold in the same period. Currently, approximately 16 electric cars are witnessing a rapid increase in sales in the market. Several new cars are also set to be launched, competing with the existing hybrid cars in the market.

Speaking of the Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid’s mileage, the non-hybrid version offers a mileage of 23.4 kilometers per liter, while the old Swift had a mileage of 22.38 kilometers per liter. The Swift Hybrid boasts an additional 1.02 kilometers per liter, providing a mileage of 24.5 kilometers per liter. This increase in mileage further adds to the appeal of the hybrid edition of the Swift. Overall, the market is witnessing a growing demand for hybrid cars, as they offer a balance between range and charging infrastructure amidst the challenges faced by electric cars.


– Maruti Suzuki is known for its hatchback cars, especially the Swift, which is one of the top-selling cars in India.
– Suzuki presented the hybrid edition of the Swift in Tokyo from October 26 to 31, with plans to release it to the market in September 2024.
– Hybrid cars have surpassed electric cars in sales due to the increasing demand for fuel-efficient hybrids.
– In November, hybrid car sales totaled 24,062, compared to 21,455 electric cars sold three months prior, showing a growing demand for hybrid cars in the market.
– The Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid has a mileage of 24.5 kilometers per liter, compared to 23.4 kilometers per liter for the non-hybrid Swift, making it a more fuel-efficient option.

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