The Hero Splendor Plus is one of the many motorcycles offered by Hero MotoCorp in the commuter bike segment. It is considered the best-selling bike in the country due to its exceptional performance and modern features.

This bike is equipped with an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine based on the air-cooled technology. The 97.2cc engine is capable of generating a maximum power of 8.02 Ps at 8000 RPM and a peak torque of 8.05 Nm at 6000 RPM. It also comes with a fuel tank capacity of 9.8 liters and provides a mileage of up to 70 kilometers per liter.

The current market price of the Hero Splendor Plus is approximately 80,000 rupees, but it can be purchased for even lower prices through various online platforms. For instance, a 2014 model of the Hero Splendor Plus is listed for sale on Olx for 18,000 rupees. The bike has been well-maintained and has covered a distance of 35,000 kilometers.

Similarly, a 2014 model and a 2020 model of the Hero Splendor Plus are also available on Olx for 28,000 rupees and 38,000 rupees respectively. Both bikes are in good condition and have covered distances of 55,000 kilometers and 66,000 kilometers respectively.

These listings on Olx provide an opportunity for interested buyers to purchase well-maintained Hero Splendor Plus bikes at affordable prices.

, the Hero Splendor Plus continues to be a popular choice for commuters, and the availability of used models at relatively lower prices on various platforms makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.


The Hero MotoCorp’s motorcycle segment has several bikes, including the Hero Splendor Plus, which is the best-selling bike in the country. The bike has a single-cylinder engine based on air-cooled technology and comes with modern features. It has a fuel tank capacity of 9.8 liters and is priced at 80,000 rupees in the market. However, it can also be purchased for a lower price on various online websites.

The 2014 model of Hero Splendor Plus is being sold on OLX website for 18,000 rupees, and a well-maintained 2014 model is available for 28,000 rupees. Additionally, a 2020 model of Hero Splendor Plus is available for 38,000 rupees, with all bikes in good condition.

Overall, the article discusses the availability and pricing of different models of the Hero Splendor Plus on OLX and provides details on the specifications and market trends.

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