The Parliament Winter Session for 2023 has been marked by a tumultuous start, as a major security breach outside the Lok Sabha and Parliament premises sent shockwaves through the political landscape. The incident has led to heated debates, uproar, and a call for accountability within both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Here are the latest updates on this unfolding situation.

The revelation of a significant security lapse outside the Lok Sabha and Parliament premises on a fateful Wednesday prompted immediate action. Security measures were swiftly reinforced to address the breach and prevent any further incidents.

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The uproar over the security lapse has intensified, dominating the discussions in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Members of Parliament (MPs) from various parties are demanding a thorough inquiry and accountability for the breach.

TMC MP Shashi Panja took a strong stance against the opposition’s criticism of Home Minister Amit Shah, stating, “Home Minister Amit Shah will take full responsibility for this incident. He needs to be told this.” Questions were raised about the significant decrease in the number of security personnel on December 13 compared to other days, causing national and international embarrassment. The demand for the Home Minister’s resignation has been voiced by some.

In response to the breach, security across the entire parliamentary complex has been bolstered significantly. Law enforcement agencies are closely monitoring all activities in the vicinity of Parliament House. The security measures have been enhanced to ensure the safety and integrity of the parliamentary proceedings.

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary emphasized the need for a thorough discussion on the security lapse in Parliament. He stated, “It is our duty to ask questions. The government is busy misleading the common people.” The incident has prompted a demand for transparency and accountability in addressing the security breach.

As the Winter Session of Parliament continues, the security breach remains a central topic of discussion and debate. The nation watches closely as lawmakers deliberate on the measures to prevent such incidents in the future and hold those responsible accountable for the breach.

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