The Lok Sabha proceedings have been a hub of tumultuous activity, leading to multiple adjournments amidst a furor over a security lapse in Parliament. The session, which has been a focal point for heated discussions and significant decisions, witnessed a major disruption today.

The Lok Sabha was first adjourned till 2 pm following an uproar from the opposition. This was mirrored in the Rajya Sabha, where proceedings were halted until 12 noon due to similar disturbances.

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the matter, emphasizing the seriousness of the security lapse and the need for stringent measures. He acknowledged the incident and stated that the process for issuing entry passes needs careful scrutiny.

In a significant development, five Congress MPs from the Lok Sabha were suspended for the remainder of the session. The MPs in question – TN Prathapan, Hibi Eden, S Jothimani, Ramya Haridas, and Dean Kuriakose – faced this action due to their “irregular conduct.”

The suspension reflects the ongoing tensions within the House and the stringent stance being taken on disciplinary matters.

The aftermath of an attack on the Lok Sabha on Wednesday prompted a review of security protocols. A major change implemented is the suspension of visitor entry, restricting access to the Parliament House complex to MPs only.

This decision, affecting the use of the main gate, signifies a heightened focus on safeguarding the premises and its occupants.

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram raised concerns over the nature of the security breach, suggesting that the involved gas could have been poisonous, indicating the severity of the threat. On the other hand, BJP MP Gopal Shetty noted that the incident has triggered a review of whether there was a security lapse or if there is a need for elevated security levels.

The day’s proceedings in the Lok Sabha were further adjourned till 3 pm amid continued sloganeering by opposition members, highlighting the intense atmosphere over the security breach.

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