Kaimur DM News
Kaimur DM News

Kaimur DM News: In Bihar, where the state of government hospitals often draws criticism for inadequate facilities and negligence, a noteworthy incident has sparked widespread admiration and discussion. Kaimur District Magistrate (DM) Sawan Kumar has set a remarkable example by choosing a government hospital for his wife’s delivery, challenging the prevailing skepticism towards these institutions.

1. The Prevalent Skepticism Towards Government Hospitals In Bihar, the reputation of government hospitals has been marred by frequent questions regarding their management and the quality of care provided. This skepticism isn’t limited to officials or affluent individuals; it extends to the general public, many of whom hesitate to seek treatment at these facilities.

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2. DM Sawan Kumar’s Laudable Decision Despite the general reluctance to utilize government hospitals, they remain the only option for many underprivileged families. In this context, the decision of Kaimur DM Sawan Kumar to use a government hospital for his wife’s delivery stands out as an act of trust and a powerful statement. His choice has earned him praise from various quarters for setting a positive example.

3. Promoting Institutional Delivery and Public Confidence By admitting his wife, Babli Anand, to the Sadar Hospital in Kaimur district for her delivery, DM Sawan Kumar not only advocated for institutional delivery but also aimed to bolster public confidence in government healthcare facilities. His action is seen as a step towards encouraging the common people to trust these institutions.

4. Successful Delivery Under Professional Care Sawan Kumar admitted his wife to Sadar Hospital on Tuesday, December 12. The cesarean delivery was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Kiran Singh. The medical team’s expertise ensured a successful delivery, with both mother and child reported to be in good health.

5. Personal Joy and a Public Statement DM Sawan Kumar, already a father to a daughter, welcomed the addition of a son to his family. His decision to be present with his wife at the hospital from the morning of the delivery until the successful childbirth demonstrates a personal commitment that goes beyond his public role. This personal joy is intertwined with a significant public statement about the reliability and importance of government healthcare facilities.

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