Parliament Security Breach: In a startling breach of security at the Indian Parliament, a significant incident unfolded on the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack. The Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s bicameral Parliament, witnessed a moment of chaos and confusion when two individuals, later identified as Amol Shinde and Neelam, vaulted into the chamber from the visitor’s gallery.

1. Unprecedented Security Lapse This security lapse was particularly alarming given the date’s historical significance. The intruders managed to jump into the Lok Sabha and began advancing towards the seating area. Alert MPs in the vicinity quickly responded, apprehending the duo before they could cause any further disturbance.

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2. Immediate Apprehension and Investigation The individuals were promptly detained and taken to the Sansad Marg police station for interrogation. The police swiftly initiated an investigation to understand the motives behind this unprecedented intrusion. The Lok Sabha, which is usually a model of decorum and order, was temporarily thrown into disarray by this unexpected event.

3. Disruption During Parliamentary Proceedings The incident occurred while Swagen Murmu, a BJP MP from West Bengal, was articulating his perspective on an issue. The sudden intrusion left everyone in the house shocked and bewildered. A voice amplified through the house’s microphone system urgently called for the apprehension of the intruders, reflecting the immediate concern for safety and order.

4. Allegations of Hazardous Materials According to reports from the news agency ANI, the intruders are alleged to have dispersed a gas-emitting substance during the incident. Details about this aspect of the intrusion are still forthcoming. Eyewitnesses noted that as one of the young men was escorted out, yellow smoke was seen emanating from his footwear, adding to the dramatic scene.

5. Reflections on the Security Breach The incident raised significant concerns about the security measures in place at the Parliament, especially on the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack. SP MP ST Hasan highlighted the gravity of the situation, noting that the intruders had released a gas from their shoes, contributing to the chaos and fear within the Lok Sabha chamber.

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