The RCIED vehicle, often seen escorting the convoys of dignitaries and VIPs, is a specialized vehicle designed to protect the convoy or individual vehicles from radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). This vehicle is equipped with a powerful system capable of jamming frequencies ranging from 25-6000 megahertz with up to 1300 watts of power to provide a secure perimeter around the vehicle.

The RCIED jammer uses direct digital synthesis technology to counter remote-controlled explosive devices and offers flexibility for rapid field deployment on both mobile and fixed platforms. Additionally, to address health concerns related to radiation exposure, RF protection shields are provided for the vehicle driver and passengers.

The device is designed to cover a wide range of communication systems, including VHF/UHF bands, GSM/CDMA, UMTS, and Wi-Fi frequency bands, by dividing the entire frequency range into 12 different modules. This allows the jammer to disrupt specific types of communication systems such as radio sets, GSM 2G/3G cell phones, GPS receivers, and satellite phones.

And in the last I want to say that, the RCIED vehicle is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and security of VIP convoys and individuals by effectively countering the threat of improvised explosive devices. Its ability to jam a wide range of frequencies and its flexibility for deployment make it a crucial asset for protecting against remote-controlled explosive threats.

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