British car manufacturer MG Motors announced the new year offer for Indian customers a month ago. This offer is in the form of discounts on cars. Yes, the company has announced the year-end offer, which offers discounts of up to one and a half lakh rupees on cars.

This offer may vary according to different models. If you are thinking of buying a car in the new year, then do not wait, this is the right time to buy a car because almost all major companies in the country have announced an increase in the prices of their cars from January 1st. Let’s find out how much benefit is available on which MG car.

The biggest offer on the company’s car is on the MG Astor. One can avail a discount of up to one lakh rupees on the purchase right now and an exchange bonus of up to 50 thousand rupees. The offer is valid only until 31st December. Therefore, buy the car as soon as possible. Before knowing about other offers, it is also important to know that these offers will only be applicable when the car is available for delivery in December, not that it is booked this month and delivered two to three months later.

You may already know about the MG Gloster, which competes with the Toyota Fortuner in India. There is also a discount of up to one and a half lakh rupees on this car. There is also a discount of one lakh rupees on the Hector model, 65 thousand rupees on the top-selling electric car Comet EV, and a great offer on the ZS EV as well. For detailed information about these offers, visit the nearest showroom, where you can also easily get information related to finance.

It is worth mentioning that due to the increase in costs, car makers have also decided to increase the prices of their cars. It is being said that there could be an increase of up to one to one and a half percent in the prices.

In the last, MG Motors is offering attractive year-end offers on its range of cars, making it a great opportunity for customers to purchase a new car before the price hike in the new year.


1. British car maker MG Motors has announced offers for Indian customers a month in advance of the new year.
2. Discounts of up to one and a half lakh rupees are being offered on cars as part of the end year offer.
3. The offer varies based on different car models.
4. The MG Astor car is offering discounts and exchange bonuses up to one lakh and fifty thousand rupees for purchases made before December 31st.
5. The offer is only valid until December 31st and may depend on the availability of the car for delivery in December.
6. Discounts are also being offered on other models like the MG Gloster, Hector, Comet EV, and ZS EV.

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