If you are thinking of buying a car in December, we will tell you about the list of supercars that will be launched in December today.

**Lamborghini Hybrid Supercar:**
Lamborghini is preparing to launch its new hybrid supercar, the Revelto, and this information has been announced by the company through an event to be held on December 6, 2023. The special thing about this car is that it is going to be launched in India. The name of this Lamborghini hybrid supercar is Revelto, and it will replace the Aventador in Lamborghini’s line-up. According to media reports, the price of this car could be around 8.9 crore rupees (ex-showroom).

**Outstanding Engine and Power:**
The Revelto hybrid supercar will have a 6.5-liter engine with three electric motors. It will also have two front e-axles and a gearbox that will come with a new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.

**Kia Sonet Facelift:**
Kia has also decided to launch its Sonet facelift in December. With a new design and features, this new model of Sonet is being discussed a lot on social media. With this facelift, the cabin of the Sonet will also undergo several changes. The interior of the Sonet will be changed with a new design dashboard, new screen, and center console.

**Engine and Driving Experience:**
The new variant of Sonet will use a 1.3-liter turbo-petrol engine, which will be very powerful and will provide customers with a new driving experience.

**Jeep Compass:**
Jeep is planning to enhance the Indian market with a new turbo-petrol engine for the Compass. According to media reports, the Jeep Compass could be launched with a new 1.3-liter turbo-petrol engine. It is expected that the Jeep Compass will be more powerful with this new engine and its performance will be even more spectacular.

Jeep has not announced an official date for the launch of the Compass with this new engine, but it is hoped that it could be launched in a few weeks.

In summary, December 2023 is expected to see the launch of several exciting models in the Indian automotive market, including the Lamborghini Revelto, Kia Sonet Facelift, and Jeep Compass with a new turbo-petrol engine. These launches are expected to bring a range of powerful, stylish, and technologically advanced vehicles to Indian car enthusiasts.


– Lamborghini is set to launch its new hybrid supercar, the Revolto, in India in December 2023 at an estimated price of 8.9 crore rupees.
– The Revolto will feature a 6.5 liter engine with three electric motors and an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.
– Kia is also planning to launch the facelifted version of its Sonet with a new design and updated features in December 2023.
– The new Sonet model will have a 1.3-liter turbo-petrol engine for an enhanced driving experience.
– Jeep is considering launching its Compass model with a new turbo-petrol engine in India without an official release date.
– Media reports suggest that the new 1.3-liter turbo-petrol engine will make the Jeep Compass more powerful and improve its performance.

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