Maruti Suzuki, one of the most popular car brands in India, is known for offering affordable and reliable cars. While the company has a range of flagship cars in the market, it is now gearing up to launch its first electric car, the eVX. Along with Maruti, Toyota is also preparing to introduce a rebadged model of the eVX, named the Toyota EVX.

According to officials at Maruti, the eVX is expected to be introduced in the market in the early months of 2025, with a possible launch by October 2024. However, the pricing details have not been revealed yet.

The eVX and its Toyota counterpart will be built on Toyota’s 27PL skateboard platform, with plans to use this platform for other upcoming EV models as well. Both SUVs are expected to be 4.3 meters long and feature a spacious cabin with a modern design.

Maruti Suzuki has been conducting road tests for the eVX in India and has already revealed some internal and external details through spy images. According to Rahul Bharati, Executive Director (Corporate Affairs) at Maruti Suzuki, the company is set to launch its first EV, an SUV, in the next fiscal year (FY2024-25). Currently, the company has three facilities in Hansalpur, including A, B, and C, and a new manufacturing unit will be added for EV production.

Bharati also mentioned that the concept car for the EV has already been unveiled, and it is expected to have a range of 550 kilometers with a 60kWh battery, making it a high-specification electric SUV.

Overall, the anticipation for Maruti’s first electric car, the eVX, is high, and it is expected to make a significant impact in the Indian automotive market once it is launched.

Maruti Suzuki Evx
Maruti Suzuki Evx


1. Maruti Suzuki is known for selling cars at the lowest prices in India.
2. The company is planning to launch its first electric car, the EVX, in the market by 2025.
3. The EVX will be built on Toyota’s 27PL skateboard platform and will be Toyota’s rebadged model.
4. It will have a spacious cabin with a length of 4.3 meters, and is currently undergoing road testing in India.
5. The company plans to launch the EVX in the next financial year and is setting up a new manufacturing unit for electric vehicles.
6. The EVX will have a range of 550km and a 60kWh battery.

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