India is known as the country of bikes, and for good reason. The highest bike sales in the world happen in India. The craze for bikes is so high that even foreign companies are coming to India for business. Recently, Harley Davidson and Triumph have launched bikes in India and have received a lot of love from the customers. More bikes are set to be launched in the coming days, with the launch expected to start next week.

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The demand for high-performance bikes in the auto market is increasing, and companies are planning to expand in this segment. This month, some new bikes are expected to be launched, and the information about them has started to emerge. Let’s take a look at who’s coming to win the hearts of the customers.

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Bajaj Auto has decided to take the CT series forward based on the Pulsar. The company is set to launch the CT 150. According to initial information, this bike will use the Pulsar’s engine. This engine will run on air-cooled technology and will be paired with a five-speed gear transmission. The bike’s mileage is expected to be up to 50kmpl, and it may be launched at a ex-showroom price of around one lakh rupees.

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The KTM 1390 Duke, with a name that commands attention, has been creating a stir on social media these days. It is believed that the KTM 1390 Duke will be launched by December 2023. It is expected to provide a performance boost with a liquid-cooled engine and may be paired with a six-gear box.

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Hero, the biggest bike maker, has a lot in the commuter segment. Discussions have started around the HF Delux 100 Xtech model. The new model of Delux will have a digital display, along with Bluetooth connectivity, music, odometer, speedometer, and fuel gauge. It is said that the features present in the Splendor Xtech will also be available in this model.

With the launch of these new bikes, the competition in the bike market is set to get even more exciting. Customers can look forward to more options and advanced features in these upcoming models. It will be interesting to see how these bikes perform and capture the hearts of the Indian bike enthusiasts.

HF Deluxe 100 Xtec
HF Deluxe 100 Xtec


– India is known as the country of bikes due to the highest bike sales in the world
– International companies like Harley Davidson and Triumph are launching bikes in India
– New bikes, including Bajaj CT 150, KTM 1390 Duke, and Hero HF Delux 100, are rumored to be launched soon
– Bajaj CT 150 will use the engine from the Pulsar series, offering a mileage of around 50kmpl and estimated launch price of one lakh rupees
– KTM 1390 Duke, expected to be launched by December 2023, will have a liquid-cooled engine and six-speed gearbox
– Hero HF Delux 100 Xtech model to feature a digital display with Bluetooth connectivity, music, odometer, speedometer, and fuel gauge features also present in the Splendor xtech model

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