In today’s world, the Indian automobile market has grown significantly. Many foreign companies want to sell their products in India, and those already established in India are introducing many new models. Honda, the country’s second-largest two-wheeler manufacturer, is also planning to launch its new bike in India. It is going to be an electric bike. The company says that next year, an affordable electric bike with a 110 to 125cc capacity will be launched in India.

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Honda plans to invest $3.4 billion by 2030 and aims to sell its four million electric bikes worldwide during that period.

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The company claims that it will be designed taking into consideration the climate conditions, so its range will be quite good. There will be no risk of any kind of accident with this bike, as per the company’s statement. However, the focus of the company until 2027 will be entirely on its electric products. After that, it will work on its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models.

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The new electric bike is going to be completely manufactured in India. Reports suggest that it may have swappable battery technology and may be exported to other countries as well.

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In the context of launching their new electric bike, the company’s executive officer of motorcycle and power product election business development, Daihatsu Mihara, said they are planning to launch an electric bike next year, in 2024, and it will be sold in major countries in Japan, Europe, and Asia.

,Honda’s decision to heavily invest in its electric bike is a bold move for the company’s future plans. It remains to be seen how successful they will be, but soon, a new electric bike is expected to make its mark in the Indian market.

Honda Electric Bike
Honda Electric Bike


1. Honda is planning to launch a new electric bike in India with a capacity of 110-125cc next year, aiming to sell 4 million electric bikes worldwide by 2030.

2. The company plans to invest $3.4 billion by 2030 and is working on launching an electric bike focusing on safety and climate conditions.

3. The bike will be completely made in India and may feature swappable battery technology, with plans to launch in Japan, Europe, and other Asian countries.

4. Honda’s Motorcycle and Power Products division is set to launch the electric bike in 2024 and will focus on electric products post-2027.

5. Despite focusing on electric products, Honda is currently working on its ICE models and has made a significant investment in its future plans.

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