Mahindra Scorpio
Mahindra Scorpio

The SUV market in India has seen some interesting changes in recent times, with the once dominant Hyundai Creta now slipping to the fifth position in terms of sales. Tata Motors has emerged as the top performer with two of their models, the Tata Nexon and Tata Punch, taking the top two spots in the ranking.

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In November 2023, SUV sales in India witnessed a growth of nearly 1.5%, which is a significant increase in the highly competitive market. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 SUVs in terms of sales.

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At the top of the list is the Tata Nexon, which despite a slight decline in sales, managed to maintain its position as the best-selling SUV in India. With a market share of 12.74%, the Tata Nexon sold 14,916 units in November, compared to 15,871 units in November 2022.

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Following closely behind is another Tata Motors’ model, the Tata Punch, with a 14,383 units sold in November, representing an 18.56% growth from the previous year. The Tata Punch holds a market share of 12.28%, further solidifying Tata Motors’ dominance in the SUV segment.

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In third place is the Maruti Brezza, which slipped from the second position due to a slight decrease in sales. However, the Brezza still managed to achieve an 18.27% growth in sales, with 13,393 units sold in November, compared to 11,324 units sold in the same month last year.

The Mahindra Scorpio comes in at the fourth position, showing a remarkable 88.77% growth in sales. This surge in sales can be attributed to improved supply and demand, with 12,185 units sold in November compared to 6,455 units in November 2022.

Finally, the once top-selling Hyundai Creta has now slipped to the fifth position, with a 11.31% decrease in sales. It sold 11,814 units in November, compared to 13,321 units in November 2022.

The shifting landscape of the SUV market in India showcases the fierce competition and changing consumer preferences. It will be interesting to see how these rankings evolve in the coming months, and how manufacturers respond to the changing market dynamics.

Mahindra Scorpio
Mahindra Scorpio


1. SUV sales in India have seen an increase of around 1.5% in November 2023.
2. Tata Nexon is the top-selling SUV with a market share of 12.74% and annual sales of 14,916 units in November 2023.
3. Tata Punch comes in second, with a market share of 12.28% and a yearly growth of 18.56% in sales.
4. Maruti Brezza has seen a yearly increase of 18.27% in sales, despite dropping to the third position in the rankings.
5. Mahindra Scorpio has seen a massive 88.77% growth in sales due to improvements in supply.
6. Hyundai Creta has experienced a 11.31% decrease in sales, with 11,814 units sold in November 2023.

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