The demand for electric scooters in the Indian two-wheeler market is consistently increasing. In response to this, all the two-wheeler manufacturing companies are launching new electric scooters in the market. Companies like OLA, Ather, and TVS are coming up with new electric scooters. Today, we will talk about the Bajaj Motors electric scooter in the market.

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Bajaj had previously launched its first electric scooter, Chetak, in the country’s electric two-wheeler market. The scooter’s demand had significantly increased after its launch. However, news is now emerging that the company will launch it in a new avatar. The new Bajaj Chetak Electric will offer a better range and several modern features at a lower price.

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In terms of specifications, the new Bajaj Chetak Electric will feature a 3.2-kilowatt battery pack, providing a range of up to 126 kilometers on a full charge. The display of the scooter will also see some changes, with a 7-inch color TFT display. Additionally, the scooter will offer smartphone connectivity and a turn-by-turn navigation system.

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Reports suggest that the company will introduce a new variant of the scooter rather than the urban variant. The speed of the scooter has also been increased, while its design remains unchanged. The new electric scooter is expected to be lighter by up to 3 kilograms compared to the current model.

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The launch of the new Bajaj Chetak Electric is set to bring more options for consumers in the electric scooter segment, with enhanced features and improved performance. The entry of such electric scooters will not only meet the growing demand for sustainable mobility but also contribute to reducing pollution in urban areas. The shift towards electric vehicles is a positive step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Bajaj Chetak Electric
Bajaj Chetak Electric


1. The demand for electric scooters in the Indian two-wheeler market is increasing rapidly, leading to the launch of new electric scooters by various companies.
2. Bajaj recently launched their first electric scooter, Chetak, which saw a significant increase in demand after launch.
3. Bajaj is now set to launch a new version of the Chetak with a lower price, better range, and modern features.
4. The new Bajaj Chetak Electric will feature a 3.2 kWh battery pack, providing a range of 126 kilometers on a single charge, along with a 7-inch color TFT display, smartphone connectivity, and turn-by-turn navigation system.
5. Reports suggest that the new variant of Chetak will have an increased speed and a reduced weight compared to the current model.

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