The Minister for Road Transport and Highways has repeatedly mentioned that India witnesses over 5 lakh road accidents every year, leading to the loss of over 1.5 lakh lives and leaving more than 3 lakh people injured and hospitalized. He further stated that these accidents have a detrimental impact on India’s GDP.

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The minister emphasized that poor road engineering is often the cause of these accidents. During the construction of roads, certain factors are overlooked by engineers, which can contribute to accidents. He also highlighted the fact that many road accidents result in the deaths of young individuals, including engineers and doctors, raising concerns about the country’s road infrastructure.

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So, what exactly is road engineering?

Road engineering involves aspects such as the design, quality, and maintenance of roads. Good road engineering ensures that roads are durable and safe for travel, reducing the risk of accidents. It also aims to make travel more cost-effective and efficient, while prioritizing the safety of road users.

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It is crucial to focus on road safety and invest in the development of more durable and sustainable road infrastructure. By implementing better road engineering practices, road accidents can be significantly reduced, ultimately saving lives and preventing injuries. Moreover, investing in road engineering can also contribute to cost-effective and efficient travel, benefiting the overall economy.

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And in the last I want to say that, poor road engineering is a significant contributor to road accidents in India. Therefore, prioritizing and investing in road engineering is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the people, as well as the overall development of the country.



– Central Road Minister has said that there are more than 5 lakh road accidents in India every year, resulting in over 3 lakh injuries and 1 lakh deaths
– The Minister emphasized that poor road engineering is a major cause of these accidents, leading to high GDP impact
– Road engineering involves ensuring the design, quality, and maintenance of roads to make them safe and durable
– Efforts are made to make roads more cost-effective and sustainable in order to prevent accidents and improve travel efficiency.

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