Recently, at a event at the Taj Hotel, Ratan Tata was seen with the retro-fitted Nano Electric car. This retro-fitted version of the petrol variant has been prepared by the Electra EV startup. After seeing the retro-fitted version, there is hope that soon we will see the Tata Nano in an electric avatar.

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The company has prepared extensively for its entry into the electric version. The startup Electra EV, which works on electric vehicles, provides powertrains, battery packs, retrofitted ICE cars, and related services. This startup was launched by Ratan Tata himself. Let’s find out more about this retrofitted electric car.

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The electric Nano car has a 624 cc engine that is based entirely on the original petrol motor. This car by Tata is equipped with a 72V powertrain and a super polymer lithium-ion battery. It is estimated that a full charge will give you a range of 160 kilometers. It takes only 10 seconds to reach a speed of 0-60 km/h. Apart from the powertrain upgrade, the startup has not made any other major changes to this version of the Nano.

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Tata’s electric variant car, Nano, has received certification from ARAI and the RTO. At present, the company’s main focus is on the retrofitting service for the fleet segment. The success of the startup Electra EV can be estimated by the fact that 25% of the total four-wheeled electric vehicles sold in the financial year 2022 have used ElectraEV powertrains. With Ratan Tata’s entry, it is estimated that soon the electric version of the Nano could be ready and presented in the market.

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– Ratan Tata recently showcased a retro-fitted electric version of the Tata Nano at an event
– The electric Nano is powered by a 624cc engine and 72V powertrain lithium-ion polymer battery
– It is expected to have a range of 160km on a full charge and can go from 0-60km in 10 seconds
– The retro-fitted Nano has received certification from ARAI and RTO
– The focus is on the fleet segment for the retro-fitting service, with expectations of 25% of electric vehicles in 2022 to use the technology
– Ratan Tata’s involvement is expected to lead to the electric version of the Nano being launched soon.

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